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Boost Boost
Boost Nutritional Energy Drink (Case)
Vanilla,Chocolate and Strawberry Flavors ( 27 8OZ paks per Case)27 total
Internet Price: $30.00

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Detailed Description

Nutritionally Balanced.
26 Vitamins and Minerals.
High in Calcium.
240 Calories.

Nutritional Highlights

Some of the benefits of an 8 fl oz serving of BOOST Original Drink are:

10 g High-Quality Protein To help maintain muscle
26 Vitamins and Minerals To help meet your daily nutritional needs
Calcium and Vitamin D To help support bone health
Antioxidants (Selenium, Vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene)
*Not for individuals with galactosemia
Suitable if you are lactose intolerant
Low in Saturated Fat With 4 g of total fat, just 1 g saturated fat, and 10 mg cholesterol per serving
Gluten-free Suitable if you have celiac disease

Additional Information

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