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Stryker/Gaymar T Pads
Stryker C2DX Gaymar Standard Pads for the TP700 Therapy Pump
Various sized Multi-Pads for use with Stryker C2DX GAYMAR T/Pump Temperature Therapy System. Reusable single patient use
Internet Price: $29.95

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Detailed Description

All pads are guaranteed leak-proof when used as directed, and won't restrict water flow as do some valved connectors. The T/Pad® has a truly random flow button design which permits them to be folded to almost any size, reducing the need for added inventory. The pads provide optimum warming even when folded. They are also highly durable, with only one pad needed for the entire patient stay, and can be used with other pumps.

Product Specifications:
Assorted sizes.
Material Pliable Polymer/Non-Woven Fabric
Flow Rate See TP700
Temperature Settings See TP700
Warranty 30 days
Use With TP500,TP600,TP700 Series Pumps
Literature Ref. No. MAW5307

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