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Stryker-Gaymar-C2dx TP700 Series
Stryker C2DX Gaymar TP700 Heat/Cold Water Therapy Pump
TP700 Heat Pump with ClikTite connections Stryker Gaymar C2DX All pads are sold separately. 1 year warranty
Internet Price: $435.00

Detailed Description

Stryker T/Pump® device provides easy to use,uniform therapeutic warming and cooling. Coupled with Stryker versatile Mul•T•Pad® blankets, it is a clinical and cost effective localized temperature therapy solution. Select Cooling, Low Heat or High Heat setting. Precise temperature control maintains set temperature within a range for heating and cooling. Three layer safety system: Dual temperature sensors Dual microprocessors Mechanical thermostat to ensure patient safety.

Clik-Tite® connectors snap into place quickly and easily. Guaranteed leakproof, these connectors provide unrestricted water flow when used as directed. With Clik-Tite connectors, two pads can be used simultaneously to treat multiple sites. Also available with Colder style connectors.

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Effective for Chronic Pain Relief and Patient Comfort. Beneficial for: Orthopedic Conditions, Skin Trauma, Chronic Arthritis, Tendonitis, Infection and Localized Pain. 

1 Year Warranty